Yoga Workshop mit Zubin Zarthorshtimanesh

Zubin Zarthoshtimanesh gibt einen Workshop am 10./11. August 2013 in Berlin. Anmeldung ab sofort möglich unter

"Zubin began yoga when very young thanks to his father who suffers from ankylosing spondylitis and who was helped to get a glimpse of true health by Guruji. Zubin's father not only stayed with yoga, but urged his family, including Zubin, to take to yoga.This initial introduction helped to set him on the path of yoga.

Today, after 19 years of teaching and having learnt and travelled with Guruji to participate in Conventions in Michigan (USA), Crystal Palace, (UK) and Paris (France), he is aware of the responsibility to help spread the ethos of yoga to friends, families, communities and society in general.

His teaching commitments have taken him to Canada, US, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Belgium, China and Rishikesh.

These days Zubin and Parizad teach and run their yoga centre, Iyengar Yogabhyasa at Matunga in central Mumbai, which imparts a yogic education to more than 400 students." (